Ms. Arias Ms. Caamano Ms. Clark Ms. Cruz Ms. Dekine Ms. Farley Mr. Garcia Ms. Garrison Ms. Melendez Ms. Menefee Ms. Moralez Ms. Orta Ms. Rosa Ms. Taveras
Mr. Adams -- English Language Arts Ms. Almanzar-Rosado -- English Language Arts Mr. Arellanos -- Science Mr. Awumey -- Science Mr. Barnes -- Science Ms. Bartlett -- English Language Arts Mr. Baumann -- Physical Education Ms. Bernal -- Social Studies Mr. Betancourt -- Social Studies Ms. Brown -- Mathematics Ms. Castro -- Mathematics Mr. Cerezo -- Mathematics Ms. Chetaitis -- Physical Education Mr. Crespo -- Spanish Mr. Deleon -- Science Mr. Dubose -- Social Studies Mr. E. Perez -- ESL Ms. Frade -- SETTS Ms. Francis -- English Language Arts Ms. Fraser -- Science Ms. Fung -- Science Ms. Glen -- Mathematics Mr. Green -- Social Studies Mr. Henriquez -- Health Ms. Hernandez -- English Language Arts Ms. Hutchinson -- ICT Ms. Hymowitz -- English Language Arts Ms. Irizarry -- Social Studies Mr. J. Perez -- Science Mr. Jeanty -- Mathematics Ms. John -- Social Studies Mr. Johnson -- Mathematics Ms. Johnson-Clarke -- Science Mr. Jones -- ICT Mr. Layne -- Mathematics Mr. Mejia -- Mathematics Ms. Moretti -- ICT Mr. Oluwakuyide -- Physical Therapy Ms. Ortiz -- English Language Arts Mr. Osei -- Science Mr. Oyatsi -- Mathematics Ms. Patrick -- English Language Arts Ms. Pichardo -- English Language…
Mr. Roszak's class participated in a Socratic Seminar exercise.
Every Wednesday!  Take advantage of any small group or one-on-one workshops. Some of these workshops are:
Pablo Zatz will be here for the rest of the school year, offering technology workshops, Wednesday afternoons in Room 124. You can take advantage of any small group or one-on-one workshops that he is offering: MS-Office - Any component at any level Google Drive – Any component at any level SMART Notebook SMART Recorder Flipped classroom Cyber-security Blogging Working with images Working with audio Working with audiovisuals Podcasting
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